Producer / Director / DoP

Alessio Nocera, Italian, born in Switzerland, developed into technology at an early age. With the upswing of social media he has gained interest in film productions and has been working in that business since 2014.

As a co-founder of the production studio he is responsible for all film productions and the company’s technical infrastructure.

Writer / Co-Director

Johannes Runge, who grew up with German parents in Switzerland, has been fascinated by stories since he’s been able to read. He’s also been writing his own stories. He discovered moving images at the age of 14, experimented with them and completed his first short film in 2015, which was shown at the Baden-Wurttemberg Youth Film Awards. Today he works on new film projects, makes music videos, writes prose and takes internships and jobs in event film and television. Most recently he completed the shooting of his short film “Wiedersehen”, on which Alessio and Selin also worked.

Production Assistant

Selin Besili, born and raised in Switzerland, is enthusiastic about people and their stories, which is why she would like to produce documentaries in the future.

In December she will start her first video editing internship, where she’ll be able to uncover other life stories.