Tales from a Pandemic is a feature film produced by Chad Callaghan and Erik Olson. 12 countries produce their individual short-film, all 12 segments then get thrown into a pot and will be mixed together to a feature-film, which will be licenced to different streaming platforms. The glue that’ll hold everything together is the general topic on every segment; fiction and reality (in this case the pandemic).

Since the beginning of the year, our team has been busy writing a story and producing a collaborative film project in the middle of the pandemic. Now we’re getting closer to the shoot and things are going greater then ever expected.

We wanted to bring together otherwise underworking creatives to produce something positive to show for this dark, dark moment. To show that storytelling can’t be quelled or quashed.

-Chad Callaghan

Story of our Segment

The script is written and finalised by Johannes Runge. It is based on a story by Chris Keaton and the script version by Alessio Nocera. Nocera will translate the dialogues into Swiss German in the final part of the process.
The narrative is a dense genre mix in which dark suspender moments and black humour complement each other. Fiction and reality (in this case called Covid-19 or Corona) collide.
An old lady makes ginger tea and listens to the radio. All of a sudden, gloomy figures appear outside her flat. They wear masks. The latter doesn’t have to mean anything. But can she trust people and even invite them in for tea? In times of lockdown everything is uncertain.

The other Segments

Unfortunately, we don’t know what stories the other teams are telling. But at least we can share some nice pictures:


Summarized in a web series, short documentations about individual departments and project phases give insights into the exciting life on and around the film set. The idea is to get more young people excited about the local film industry and to teach them the art of filmmaking. The filmmaking community is to be better represented and networked on social media, especially in Switzerland and other in German speaking countries in general.

Every department of the film crew is documented. The camera has been following the individual departments since pre-production and records the entire development process of the film. The on set experiences can be shared with a community that is thirsty for knowledge. Individual videos are inspired by the American «Film Riot».

The series should be offered on platforms such as skillshare and be available internationally.